Friday, December 24, 2010

Slow News Day - Freebiejeebies explanation

On the BBC's front news page today is an article about a dog who birthed seventeen puppies and that she will be neutered. I figured that that meant it is a pretty slow news day, you guys can judge. ABC's 17 and no more (source).


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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

South Korea to Conduct Massive Live Military Drills

Starting this Thursday South Korea will initiate a new round of live fire drills. With on-going naval live-fire drills already happening (those started Monday morning South Korean time), this will just add more stress and show of power to an already tense area.

However, this new set of drills is different from any other ones conducted so far. These drills will be the largest live-fire drills for the South Koreans to date. The drills will include over 800 ground soldiers, 36 artillery units, air units, and will incorporate the already drilling navy. It is said that every part of the South Korean military will be involved in these exercises.

These exercises come at a time of huge tension between the North and the South, which stem from the shelling of a South Korean inhabited island in a disputed maritime territory by the North last month. These drills by the South have been conducted to show the North that they are ready to fight, they are a show of strength. The North has stated that if further provocation is shown by the South, they will retaliate, though these latest threats were not backed up by the North.

These are tense times during a time that should be full of happiness, family, and love. I can only hope that nothing comes of these heightened times between the two Koreas (such as a full scale war).

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Hello everyone, I've made this blog to post about international news, mainly focused on conflict. I will try to update it every two days, but if something big happens (like those Krazy Koreans), I'll of course post as soon as possible. My primary source will be the BBC.